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Issue Areas

The Roddenberry Fellowship is focused on defending and protecting Civil Rights; Immigration & Refugee Rights; LGBTQIA & Women’s Rights; and the Environment.

Civil Rights

Fellows will work toward equity for all, including in our public schools, criminal justice system, and places of work.

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Immigration & Refugee Rights

Fellows will work to ensure the rights of all newcomers to the US regardless of where they come from or why.

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Environmental Protection

Fellows will work to mitigate the human impact on our natural resources, neighborhoods, and communities.

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LGBTQIA & Women's Rights

Fellows will work to secure rights and opportunities for everyone, irrespective of gender or sexual orientation.

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How to Apply

Learn about participating in the Roddenberry Fellowship, including how to apply, key dates, and the scoring rubric.

Questions & Answers

The FAQ should cover any questions you might have but if it hasn’t please contact us at fellow@roddenberryfoundation.org.

Take Action Today

The Roddenberry Foundation was launched to build on Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s legacy and philosophy, to drive social change, and to improve the lives of people around the world.

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